Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Even More Stash Justification

It's clear that I must have Stash Guilt, because I keep addressing this issue. Nonetheless...

I recently appalled someone when I said I had over 100 balls of sock yarn lurking in my house. Now, I have already explained to y'all that this isn't necessarily all going to be socks someday: it's a collection. Or my version of how the Mormons keep a stockpile of food and stuff ready for when disaster strikes. My yarn is ready for when financial disaster strikes: if I run out of money I won't run out of knitting fodder! I may get hungry, but I will be entertained. Someone else posited that I could eat the Maizy and the Tofutsie (corn and soy).

But another aspect of my stash-loving ways has become clear as I upload items from deep at the bottom of the yarn basket: some of that stuff is no longer made! Like Simple Stripes from Knit Picks. The yarn depicted here has been looked at a whole bunch of times on Flickr--I am thinking because it has been discontinued and is not one of the more common colorways. I figure it's going to become more valuable through the years, yeah, that's the ticket. My heirloom sock yarn is just like money in a vault! Some day, just some day, my stash might get me out of a bind, or something.

So I will keep treasuring it, even the Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Poor maligned sock yarn--it has held up well over time, so I still like it, even if it came from a discount hobby store. It's an heirloom too, now!

Good Old Juno, Now Known as Narrow Juno

You may have read in my addendum to my second post yesterday that I seem to have missed a repeat on Juno Regina's set-up rows. I think one of the dogs increased my row counter when playing on the couch. I should have figured it out, but was so happy I was getting the actual pattern to happy that I put aside that nagging question: why are there stitches on that chart that I am not knitting? Now I know--and it is good that my explanation to Lynn was not damaged too badly by my omission. Whew.

Just goes to show you, as I say repeatedly: you never stop learning at knitting. Soon as I find good light and a light-colored background, I will give you an in-progress shot of the Narrow Juno Regina, as I will now call my "dresser scarf." Let's just hope no equipment malfunctions mar my next projects (sparkly blue socks and a cardigan for Lee).

And, keep those job vibes coming. I have nothing yet, but many possibilities in the works. I just need ONE to work out!

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  1. Wow!! That is a great way to explain your stash. For in case you run out of money. I will have to remember that one!


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