Monday, November 19, 2007

Winning the Fight with Lace, Addendum

[edited 11/20]
Here is my answer to Lynn's question in the comments. She wants to know how to parse the sections in Chart 3, which tell you to repeat different sections different numbers of times. The author doesn't really tell you what order to do them in. Here, I will try to do that. Refer to the picture, too:

On chart 3, the first repeat you will work with all the motifs, so you just do the middle section (B) 4 times. Do the edge, 4 repeats of B, the unlabeled section, and then the other edge. For ten rows.

On the second repeat, you begin to get rid of motifs and start adding in plain sections (A and C). So, you'd knit an edge, then section A, move straight to B, repeat it 3 times, do the unlabeled section then do a section C and an edge. For ten rows.

For the third repeat, you would knit two section As after the edge (being careful to note that little extra square at the end, which can hide on you), then two Bs, the unlabeled section, then two As, then the edge. You have two solid strips on each edge going now. (look at the picture--see how they come in one at a time?).

The fourth repeat, you would do edge, A three times, B once, the unlabeled section, and C three times, edge.

Then in the next chart (Chart 4), you are finishing off the top of the last motif you started in repeat 4 of chart 3. You have plain strips on each side of that. When you are done, there are no more motifs.

After this, you do plain strips a long time. Charts 5-8 reverse the process and work similarly.

Let me know if it helps.


Last night I realized the dog must have hit my row counter or something and I only did three repeats of section 2. So, I am a pattern repeat short. No wonder I never knit the part of Chart 3 with no label on it! Amusing. I realized it is now the width I want for a dresser scarf/real scarf, so I am just carrying on, with a less wide version. I have an actual spot I want to put it, so I have now decided I did it on purpose. Tee hee.


  1. thank you i am going to try, it looks so lovely. perfect for a wedding, lynn

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you, so much! lynn


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