Monday, November 5, 2007

A Lesson to Learn

Worsted Weight House Sock
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And that lesson is: read the ball band when you buy yarn for socks.

I did not read the ball band when I picked the yarn for the socks in the photo. I just assumed two balls of yarn would make two socks. Well, 85 yards of worsted/aran weight yarn does not make one sock. It makes about 4 rows more than what you see here. If the LYS does not have more of this color, I will be MIGHTY sad. It's a manly blue, but a more interesting one than many blues, and I really wanted to use this for Lee's Dad socks. I do have another ball of navy Cascade 220, which I am positive will make him another pair, but wah, I liked this one.

I did make significant progress on the VLT shawl over the weekend and came to the conclusion that Shaefer Anne is so petite that I should add a couple of repeats of the inner pattern to it. I know it will stretch out when blocked, but especially since the recipient is not especially thin, more length would make it more likely to drape elegantly around her shoulders if desired. Since I have 110 more yards of yarn than the pattern calls for, I should be OK with this. I am on the 6th repeat now, and there's just no way that the blocked shawl would be 70 inches long if I only did the instructed 6.5 repeats.

The shawl is fun to do now that I have the pattern of giant holes memorized, so I may as well keep going on it. Plenty of time before Christmas!

Now I just have to get one more pair of sister socks done, and I can move on! I am really anxious to try one of those "new pathways" patterns!

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