Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shedir, She Is Done

Shedir, finished object
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Yay, no more twisting of stitches! I had hoped to finish this in October, but time has a way of not cooperating! It was fun watching the pattern on the top of the hat appear--Flickr has photos of that, which you will see if you click on the photo link by the hat.

I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped to while teaching knitting, because the one student I thought I had turned into 5--but the pay for that will make up for taking two hours off work yesterday--hooray. And it is always fun to have a nice, friendly class of new knitters!

I brought in a lot of my new yarn purchases for show and tell (and the engagement ring) so I had a lot of fun doing that. And because I did that, Katie relinquished from hostage some lovely yarn from the Knitting Nest, the newest yarn store in town, which is in the color's of Lee's alma mater, St. Edward's University (here in Austin). He liked that I got that for him. I would love to visit that shop, but it is way south, so who knows when that will happen.

Everyone loved that Perchance to Knit yarn that is rainbow overdyed in black. You know a yarn is spectacular when the LYS owner is in awe of it!

I had fun helping people pick out yarn, too. I think if I worked at an LYS that would be my favorite part of the job.

Back to my Saturday football watching, and to wrap Shedir up with lots of love to send to its recipient!

PS: After mentioning the IK preview, I got home to find the magazine in my mailbox. Still not sure why the holiday issue never came, but the Winter one sure showed up promptly!

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  1. I never got my holiday issue, either, but I figured it was because I was using three addresses in about two months.

    I'll call them and see if they can't resend it or perhaps add an extra issue on to the end on my current subscription (note to self: renew subscription!) - I know my video game magazine did that for me when I missed a few issues due to the USPS thinking I still lived in St Louis.

    Hopefully the latest issue is in my mailbox as well, we only check the mail about once a week (that's what happens when you don't get important mail often).


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