Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Holiday Gift Down...One Job Gone

Yes, here's the trippingly named "Scarf with the open and solid lace edging from Weldon's 1904" completed and displayed on a very bright colored table cloth. That should wake folks up. I plan to block it today, so it will be interesting to see how it grows. I'll measure it before blocking. It's very pretty, even with the lumpy borders. I ended up doing 8.5 repeats rather than 6.5, since the sock yarn made it much smaller than it was in the silk in the book.

I put the Cat Bordhi socks on hold--maybe sis will get some for her birthday. I'll make myself some in my ample spare time over the holidays, when I can look at the book. In the meantime, WendyKnits' Double Eyelet Border socks are now on the needles in a happy Trekking XXL colorway with blues and oranges in them--subtly "Go Gators" for the sister, and do-able in time to mail for the holidays.

Tonight I really NEED to do something for me, so I will cast on Knitty's Juno Regina in my Claudia Handpaints silk. It looks really pretty in a yarn cake. It will be fun to figure out a needle to use. Of course, it won't be a wooden KnitPicks in size 3--I am still mourning the fact that a tip snapped off my needle!

Needy Me

I know this is a knitting blog, but I am asking for good wishes and vibes, as I found out yesterday my one-year contract is now an 8-month contract (funding cuts), so I will be out of work AGAIN, just in time for the holidays. I do have a couple of things being worked on, one that sounds really great, but all are contract jobs. I'd love an opportunity to try for a permanent position, though of course, these days any job a tech writer or trainer gets is among the first to get cut--I know that. Vibes that Lee will get the position he is one of the two top candidates for would also be appreciated. If just one of us had something more permanent, we'd feel a little less unsettled. I am trying to get used to the roller coaster of contract work, but it's taking a while.

Thank you.


  1. As long as you need it, I'll think of you and send you good wishes and vibes!

  2. I'm with Yvonne ^ All the best to your & yours, and I'm sure the stars will align for y'all just as soon as they are ready to deliver something great.

  3. The scarf is really beautiful! For so many gorgeous patterns in that book, they sure have some clumsy/boring names.

    ::sending vibes of prosperity and permanence your way::

  4. Oooooo.... I'd share my new Prosperity stone with you .... but you can rub on it next time you're in town. :-)

    No, seriously, I completely feel the angst and frustration with the contract ending and the sort of voodoo economics that come from rollercoaster working situations. Hang in there... and holler if you need an ear to vent on. You've read my vents, I can read yours! :-)


  5. I love that particular scarf (but hate the names)!

    Good luck with the job business. What a terrible time of year for it to happen.


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