Friday, November 2, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

I was happy to learn that the preview for the Winter Interweave Knits is out (wow, I just got the holiday one--the subscription I distinctly remember renewing seems to not be renewed).

What makes me even happier is how many of the items are just the kinds of things I enjoy doing--classic knits with interesting techniques. A surprisingly large proportion of the patterns look like things I could actually wear, that would flatter many figures and be fun to knit.

Congratulations to Eunny and the folks at IK. They are going in the direction I like, and I hereby declare IK my favorite knitting magazine. (I still enjoy Knitter's and Vogue Knitting a lot, but the ratio of good stuff to weird/ugly stuff on IK is the best).

And while I am recommending things, I don't remember if I pointed you specifically to the lace stuff and socks that Goddess Knits does. If not, go look at some of these lovely things now! I know there's a link to one of their things in the "wedding outfit ideas" post, but this link will take you to all 25 of their patterns. Do enlarge the images!


  1. Personally, there isn't anything in the Winter IK that I want to knit. Glad I don't have a subscription. But I am enjoying knitting from the Holiday 2007 IK.

  2. I got my IK Winter in the mail yesterday! My favorites are the 'Farrow Rib Cardigan' and the 'Puffed Wheat Pullover.'

  3. Oops--just a glitch, Katie K. I thought I had done them all, so I didn't look at the comment moderation page. Your comment is good!!!


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