Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick Progress Note

Just a note to say I am still here, applying for jobs and being perky at work (in case they ever want me back I want to look good). It is a big singing week, so that slows knitting down, but my community choir performance is on Saturday, which will calm things down! I may be alone most of the Thanksgiving weekend, which will mean lots of knitting time.

I got to the heel on my Double Eyelet socks in Trekking XXL. I do love that yarn, even in mostly orange and blue!

I also got gauge, did a practice beginning, then got going for real on Juno Regina. I now "get" the pattern, so it will go faster now. I'm only in the second or third repeat of Chart 2, but I can tell it will be nice. The yarn is very delicate silk, so it will be sweet. The color is a bit weird, but the lace shows up nicely in it.

Photos of all items are forthcoming. Now you have something to look forward to, right?

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  1. Of course we have always something to look forward, but now for real...


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