Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Fan Post about Stitch Markers

It occurs to me that I have not raved about the stitch markers I prefer to use. I will fix that now. You see, I own many stitch markers. Some of them are really lovely. I made some myself, which are really lovely. But many of them are really heavy and bug me by swinging there and getting in the way. Others are nicely done, but have edges that catch on things. Some are too fat; some are too plain.

But the ones I use the most are by Entrelac, who is a nice woman named Ana. She used to come to my LYS with her equally nice friend. I enjoyed them a lot (I think they now hang out at a new store closer to where they live, but I did see them at Kid'n Ewe). Why do I use these stitch markers? Because:

1. They do not catch on anything. No edges. This is the #1 most wonderful feature.
2. They are in pretty colors of wire and interesting metals.
3. They (at least mine) are shiny and are made of lovely little beads of various types. I can't decide whether pretty colors or shiny beads is the second best feature. These are tied.
4. They are thin enough that they don't mess up my stitches or get in my way. But they still show up.
5. They do not weigh down your lace, if that's what you're making.

I have three different sizes and colors. The ones I love the most are tiny pinkish ones with clear glass beads that have a little pink in them. When you are knitting, they look like pretty decorative jewels. I do want more, and will get some when the finances settle, I know! I was heartbroken when one of the little ones bounced off my sock and into the bowels of Bible Stadium (named after a person, not a book) in Leander during a high school football game. WAH.

The reason it occurred to me that I ought to mention my love for these stitch markers is that I read on Sheri's blog that the Loopy Ewe will be distributing them soon has been distributing them since May (I am so unobservant!). I was happy enough when Ana got an online store, but this is really good--great publicity and wider exposure. Plus, I was really tickled to see an ad for Entrelac on Ravelry! Cool! I always like it when local people doing quality work have success. It's inspirational. I know there are some similar stitch markers out there, and if you find some made by someone local, get them! Otherwise, try these! Made by a real person whom your blog-friend Suna has met!

End of completely unsolicited commercial. I get nothing out of this--I paid for my markers, with cash!

(Interesting aside, I don't think I have ever really told Ana how great I think her business is. Brilliant, huh. I guess I should. OK, I did.)

I will be traveling tomorrow so probably won't post, but will knit a lot: happy Thanksgiving to US readers!

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  1. I saw her ad on Ravelry too! I LOVE her stitch markers! They are so perfect for socks or lace!


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