Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rainy Day Progress

Rainy Day Sock, Back
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Here's a picture of the first Rainy Day Sock (which was knitted mostly while it was raining, a lot). It's from the back, so you can see how spiffily I finished the Parasols pattern. I added two rows to the last repeat to make a complete umbrella top. I think that looks better than just stopping the pattern. With the addition of a more attractive double decrease, I think I really improved the original. The Parasol pattern also gives the sock a slightly curved top edge, which I like a lot.

If you want to see a picture of the Raindrops pattern that is on the side of the sock, look here The pattern is so simple, but really does look like droplets of water. Sparkly water, thanks to Disco Colori!

I believe these would be quite lovely socks in a less hysterical colorway, so I may do them again in something more sedate. I may use my Maizy for it.

Right now I am still reading over my instructions and knitting the second sock according to them, to make sure I didn't mess up anything. Then I guess I'll PDF it and post a link here and to Ravelry, just in case anyone else wants to try it. I didn't get real far yesterday because I started another little project and worked some on Juno Regina, my current Mindless Knitting project, until I get to the other end.


  1. I love this sock! And I think I have some of the same yarn in my stash! (My LYS owner looked at it when they first got it and said "We have to save this one for Ann") I'm going to have to keep checking back to see how the pattern writing is going. I'll check on Ravelry too.

  2. You're welcome to be a test knitter! Let me know.

    The patterns do show up a lot better "in person." I will make sure to get much better lighting in the socks' official photos.

  3. Very nice! Something I'd love to try as well. I need to break out of my "plain vanilla" sock patterns and try something fun. I'll keep checking Ravelry as well! (I'm Chosenlass on there, btw)

  4. Wow, the sock is lovely! But so is your pug! What a cutie surprise hiding in the background ;-) I have such a soft spot for puggies!

  5. I agree! The sock is lovely and so is pug. My Magnus is helping me read email this a.m. and sends his pug love.

  6. Very very lovely... is one of the stitches you used the umbrella/parasol in the lace part of the first Harmony Guide (the old one)?

  7. Wow, What a beautiful sock!!! I'm drooling over my keyboard. I would love to get the pattern!

  8. I love that yarn! (and think cutie pug is sweet)


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