Friday, January 18, 2008

Honest, He's Thrilled

Maurizio Cardigan
Originally uploaded by sunasak
Yeah, Lee looks like he wishes he were anywhere but where he is, but remember, he has pneumonia. He is actually thrilled with this cardigan, and that makes ME happy. Look, it fits perfectly! Once we get buttons, it will button just right, too. He'd been worried that the sleeves were too short, but I knew the shape was such that it would be fine. I know a lot of people wouldn't have made it in two colors, but I have enough trouble knitting tons of stockinette...I needed something to interest me.

Lee likes the weight of the cardigan--it's substantial, and the feel of the alpaca and wool. There are more photos on Flickr, including one that shows how well the back looks.

Something Else!

And look, I also finished the Tweedy Scarf I was working on, so here's a picture of it. I love how it feels and looks. Single-ply yarn looks really good in K1P1 rib. Mille Colori is such a fun self-striping yarn, too. Look at how it never repeats exactly. This scarf is about 70 inches long, so it hangs fairly far, even when wrapped around my neck. This is really a fun project for a fairly new knitter to try. Thanks to the Brooklyn Tweed blog for the inspiration!

I've got some of the bottom of the new Lucy Bag done, and I'll work on that today.


  1. I hope he feels better, but the sweater looks great.

  2. This is how my John looks when made to pose! Good work.


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