Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maurizio Blocking

Maurizio Cardigan Blocking
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It's a good thing I had a day at home with nothing on the agenda but cleaning and laundry, so I could tediously finish sewing all the seams on this cardigan. I think it came out pretty good, and I can't wait for Lee to try on the finished product.

The sleeves were a royal pain. I am not fond of how they did them--it was a very long, shallow cap that was very hard to match and seam, and the bottom of the sleeve had an awkward jog in it that did not want to ease in politely. So don't be too harsh on my seaming technique. What you can't see are very nice side and sleeve seams, hee hee.

I didn't do a full block on this, but instead just steamed the parts that needed straightening. Mostly that was the neckband, which still wanted to curl under, thanks to all the stockinette. One of the button bands wants to flop, too. I find that really interesting, since they are exactly the same. Same yarn, needles, and number of stitches. I think the pockets came out pretty well, though not perfect. Good, I won't get a swelled head.

I put the cardigan on when it had just one sleeve, and it was very nice and cozy. Ultra Alpaca feels really good, though I must say there are more guard hairs in it than I expected to see. They blend well with pug hair, though, so they have their good points. And it is probably what keeps the yarn in the mid-range of price rather than the high range.

I think I am next going to make the Elann Austermann Inca pullover next, in that orange Inka Alpaca I got recently. It is a really lovely pullover, and I might get it done in time to wear a couple of times this year. I guess I am in an alpaca phase.

However, I have a quick project to do first. One of my oldest email friends from my old nonprofit job asked me to make her a felted bag, and she liked the Lucy Bag when she looked over my projects. Since that only takes a few days and since I have a LOT of Cascade 220 in oranges and yellows, I said I'd do that for her, especially since she will exchange the bag for some hand-made soaps.

Before THAT, I will finish my striped scarf. It's REALLY cold outside, so I can wear it over the next few days. So, off I go watching the bead show on public TV and finishing the striped scarf! Ah, the life of the home maker. If only I had more bon bons.

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