Friday, January 11, 2008

In Love with the Ultimate Gift

Another day, another no job action, and I got tired of knitting on the shawl (it's in a light section now), so was reading my email, when the Knitting Daily for the day came. As a good little email marketing sucker, I of course clicked on a link in the article about what men like about sweaters (really good discussion of survey results, too: men like plain dark sweaters--huh!).

The link took me to the sweater depicted in the illustration, which is called The Ultimate Gift. Click that. See its beauty. Give them a happy click-through and forward rate, go on. Now, is that NOT a lovely thing? Cables, cashmere, interesting shoulders. It would make even knitting something navy blue fun! I want it in Suna size.
What's that, Suna? You live in Texas? It's 62 degrees out on January 11? The sweater would roast you? Well, poo on you! I'll have you know I wear my silk cardigan top-down sweater when it gets cold inside or out, and it feels toasty (at times, roasty). Yeah, I've worn it three times this year! Well worth the cost of ten balls of Silk Garden and two of Cash Iroha (you do the math, bearing in mind I did get a discount).
So, even if it might be a wee tad bit warm, I printed out that pattern and will save it to drool over, and put it in my Ravelry queue, and if I ever finish the other clothing items I already have yarn for AND get a paying gig, I may well make a me-sized version (because no man in my family would wear a warm cabled pullover, even in a nice, dark color).

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  1. And why wouldn't you make it in a nice, creamy colour in a nice light cotonmix? If you can't even live your knitting dreams.... I like the silk cardigan top-down sweater a lot!


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