Thursday, January 10, 2008

Workin' on a Pattern

Today was the least active day since my job ended, no interviews, no calls, no nothing. But no, I didn't JUST do laundry all day. I also figured out what pattern I would use for the stash shawl class I am doing at the LYS, if anyone actually signs up for it. I knew what I wanted to do, but had to figure it out and work on a sample. It needed to be very easy, but different than a basic triangle.

So, I did a very simplified version of a neck-down Faroese-style shawl with shoulder shaping, one that you could use any yarn your heart desired on, in any stripey, solidey or whatever color combo. I am doing it in all the leftover mohair yarns from the shawls I have made in the past five years or so. I feel so virtuous in using up stash myself.

I'm doing it with every garter stitch ridge a different color, alternating two at a time. 5A, 5B, then bringing in a third color, 5B, 5C, then another 5C, 5D. There has to be a better way to describe this, but hey, I am out of work and my brain is on vacation. The way the colors change gradually is looking cool so far (I am four colors into it). All the colors I am using have purple or green in them, so they blend pretty well, too. What's also neat is that the shawl is striped on the front, and more tweedy on the "back." Both look OK.

So, I hope it makes for a fun class, and I hope that I can encourage some others to have fun with their stashes and make other combos. I like this shawl style, because it stays on a bit better than a plain triangle, but this stripped-down version is really easy to knit--just don't lose track of where the YOs are supposed to be and you are good.

I think if I start another one for the class, I might do it with leftover sock yarn. Of course, that's a shawl that would take a while to do. Lotsa garter stitch in that!

Edit: I added a photo of the work in progress on 1/11.

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  1. Gee, wanna share your notes. I've not been able to follow the free patterns on line and I really like the style of shawl.


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