Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Alpaca-y!

I promised a photo of the Inka Color yarn and the pullover I am making. Here's a close-up of the eyelet border on the bottom of the sweater. The little scallops will block flat, I am hoping/assuming. I like the way this looks, with the garter stitch spaces in between the scallops. The center garter stitch section becomes the center of the large and lovely cable panel in the middle of the sweater. It's very graceful--all stockinette and subtle. I will take a picture of it once I am a bit further along in it, though my Flickr pages do have a wider view of how far along I am now, if you want to look.

I am enjoying this yarn. It is more alpaca than wool, which makes it feel really good, but I think there's enough wool that it won't be too droopy. The edging being eyelet, though, means that if it's drapey, that will be a good thing. The yarn looks very orange in the photo, but there is some red in it that adds depth. So if you run into any Austermann Inka Color yarn, snap it up. Of course, I got it at, so it may not be easy to find any more.

And just for completion's sake, here's a picture of the buttons we selected and put on Maurizio. They are just inexpensive Hobby Lobby buttons, but they were such an ideal size and color--they are medium brown with a bluish sheen--just perfect. Lee looks so sweet and warm in it. Which is good. It's chilly in parts of our house.

Off to make another post, on a topic that cheered me up!

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