Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Woman Is Brilliant

If you don't usually read the blog Forward Motion, by Becca, check out this post. She did a smart thing! I wish I had thought of it! She got some Noro sock yarn, which, like many things Noro, had a bunch of knots in it. I do so wish that man would put some of his wonderful colors on less "rustic" base yarn. Now, I actually love the yarns for many purposes, but something soft would be nice, and I am pretty sure folks in Japan are aware that people don't like knots in their socks, and in fact prefer SOFT sock yarn. They're pretty sophisticated knitters over there!

I digressed. I meant to tell you what Becca did with her knotty Noro. She made socks in the pattern that the Brooklyn Tweed dude did in that striped scarf--two rows of one shade, then two rows of another shade. They look great (as you saw when you obediently clicked the link in the first paragraph, right?). Now, of course, I am just dying to get a job so I can get two colors of Noro sock yarn and try that. Um, I am dying to get a job for many other reasons as well, I assure you. Only so many weeks of sitting in the coffee shop watching the giganto American flag at the gas station across the street and this life of leisure will grow stale. Oh well, I'm out of the house, anyway.

Jody came by last night and we ate dinner (lack of job means more time to try new recipes, too) and discussed knitting stuff. Her shawl out of handspun green yarn is coming out so nice--I hope she posts pictures on her blog (will link if she does). I enjoyed looking at her book of Scandinavian shawls very much. Another reason to move to Iceland. I could learn to read the book. So many fun and fascinating vowels and consonants in that language!

I moved forward on the back of the Inka pullover, and it looks fine. I also started to try out a sample sock yarn I got to evaluate. I dragged out my two old size 0 Addi circulars that I used to use on socks. Those poor dears. I believe I wore off the coating. But they worked well enough to say that the yarn is pretty nice.

Today I think I will hang out at the knitting store. I've been avoiding it mostly the past few weeks, due to my attitude toward the world not being the best, and my need to be near my email, but it looks like no interviews are popping up this week, so I'll risk it. Free wi-fi would be SUCH a nice addition to that shop.


  1. Hey Suna,Is the yarn from Ray that you are test knitting? I got it yesterday as well and used size 1 knit picks circs. I really like it. I put a review of it on my blog and e-mailed Ray with the results.

  2. Yeah, that's it. I am going to go look at your blog--I like it better than the previous yarn--less splitty.

  3. Wow, THANKS for the link to those Noro socks! They just jumped a ways up on the must-knit list.


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