Monday, January 7, 2008

Maurizio Cardigan Progress

A quick post to show you that I am indeed making progress on the Maurizio cardigan for Lee. It's in Ultra Alpaca, and is from the same Debbie Bliss book that my Juliet sweater came from.

Here you see the back (top of chair) and the two fronts (on the seat). Not shown is the sleeve I am currently working on. The ribbing is brown, and the tops of the pockets and buttonhole band will also be. That should match most of Lee's clothing, since his intention is to take it to work for when it's too cold there (pretty impressive for temps to get too cold for him!).

You can see the pocket tops are on stitch holders, waiting to get knitted. It does look like the bulk of the project is older, but I can't get too itchy to finish--the sleeves get wider and wider as I go up. This is a nice, relaxed cardigan, meaning it's big!

I hit halfway on the striped scarf yesterday--there's less of the black than the stripey stuff. We'll see if it's long enough or I need to go searching to see if I have any leftover Cash Iroha from the Silk Garden shawl I made for my sister that used it in the edging (a shawl I never got a photo of and never saw her wear, either--darn).

I've spent all day writing a presentation in PowerPoint for a job thing on Wednesday and reading up on email marketing techniques, which I hope I will use at some point again in my life. Now to go "study" for tomorrow's interviews (4 hours' worth) and get ready for the start-up of choir. Whew, not working is tiring.

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