Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rainbow of Stripes

I promised a picture of this work in progress, so here it is. I think it's a pretty cool looking scarf, especially the way the colors really don't repeat exactly, ever, in the Mille Colori. I like how the K1P1 ribbing keeps it nice and flat (other than that little flare on the bottom) and also keeps it reversible. It doesn't look like ribbing, either--more like stockinette. In this picture you see what almost one skein of each of the yarns gives me. I may only need two skeins of each for a good-length of scarf.

Anyway, thanks to the Brooklyn Tweed dude (who has designed many nice, and more complex things and is a very popular fellow) for this simple idea, even if I didn't use two shades of Silk Garden for it. I like this one, too. The black Cash Iroha is so nice to knit with that it makes up for the slightly squeaky feel the acrylic in the Mille Colori adds.

I'm off to hang with my kids and Lee, and knit today. No job stuff! A day off from not working, ha ha.


  1. Hi! Nice scarf...I found your blog because apparently we both like Slaid Cleaves. Beautiful design!


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