Friday, January 4, 2008

Knitting Hiatus

Well, hello there. I haven't posted all year! Of course, my excuse is good. It's been such a busy time with the job search that I've barely had any time to knit!

Nowadays you don't just interview for jobs. You go in multiple times, and a lot of places give you assignments to work on. Today I did a PowerPoint presentation analyzing part of a company's website and giving suggestions for improving it via the potential employer's software. I had to write this while caring for my poor children, who got all their wisdom teeth out at once and were moaning and bleeding all day yesterday, and while doing other really long interviews, so that was interesting. I did enjoy doing the presentation. I like presenting. It's like teaching. Such a ham I am. I have a similar presentation to do at another company next week, plus I had a writing assignment at a third place! A lot of work for an out of work person.

Thus, today you get a photo of my first sock. That is to keep me humble. Knitting in black, navy and dark purple perhaps was not the ideal choice. But, hey, they are socks and I can wear them, even with the glitches that are OF COURSE present in a first sock! I actually HAVE been working on the Brooklyn Tweed-style scarf, just no photos yet. It's really, really nice. Mille Colori is quite a fun yarn--the repeat is so long it's hard to find. And I do love Cash Iroha. Photo tomorrow, fer sure!!

Things are really good. I have at least 5 potential jobs that I would love to get chosen for, and at the moment I really don't know how I would choose among them. One pays really well and I could do it in my sleep, one is truly amazing people but is a long commute, one's a fun culture and nearby but doesn't pay too well, another looks like a fun challenge but is more formal than the others, and the last is working with the nonprofit sector, which those of you who know me remember I'm a sucker for (that is a former work pun, too).

Thank you to those of you who have posted job vibes. I think they are helping! Just one final push and we can move on!


  1. Ha ha. Nice. "I haven't posted all year!!" I did! because I finished the blanket I was making! yay

  2. It sounds like things are going great on the job front! My best way of making those kinds of choices is to close my eyes and then say "which one would I regret not taking?" Usually I have a gut answer...

  3. The jobfront sounds exciting! I hope it will result in something you really want.


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