Saturday, February 9, 2008

Artistic Eros Scarf

Artistic Eros Scarf
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Surprise, it's an FO. I made a lot of money knitting these scarves, from Plymouth Eros yarn, during the first couple of years I was a single parent and not making much money. They paid for the kids' Christmas gifts. I stopped making them because after 300+ of anything you do get tired of it. I lasted as long as I did because the yarn came in a lot of really nice colors and was shiny and fun. But, I was ready to shift to constant sock production after that (so far, I am not tired of sock yarn).

So, in honor of the Plymouth Eros scaf, here is its glamour pose, blowing in the breeze hanging from the redbud tree.

This one is for my old friend, Alice, who I am happy to say has returned to my circle after a hiatus. She says she gave away her previous one to someone who just loved it, and wanted one in red and black. I knew the LYS had one ball of this Eros Drifters yarn left, so I said I'd make her one. I will give it to her at church tomorrow.

I also started the purple socks, which will be plan top-down ones (I find it easier to get foot length right top down and these have to be a size smaller than my feet).. Wow, Trekking XXL is pretty, and this colorway of purples is gorgeous. I'll share photos tomorrow. I also almost finished that first sleeve on the Inka pullover. I'll have it done soon.

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