Monday, February 25, 2008

Pretty Purple Socks and Progress

Purple Socks
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I finished these pretty socks nearly all the way last Thursday, but then forgot to finish the toes. So they didn't really get done until Saturday, when I remembered they'd need to be finished to give them away. I am glad they are a size too small for me, because that made them easier to part with. I just love Trekking XXL colorways! I did have quite a bit left over. Maybe I can do something in the mitered square family with the leftovers, some day. I know the recipient will appreciate these socks very much, and I am glad I got to do something to brighten her day, as she's in her late teens and going through a rough time.

On to my own stuff. I decided that my Garden Path socks in Jody's nummy yarn had been sitting there, waiting for me to decide which needles to make them on long enough. So, I frogged the version that was halfway up the foot on size 0s, and kept a-goin' on the size 00 model. I am glad I did, because as you can see, these fit fine. The others were noticeably loose. A quarter inch makes a lot of difference in a sock! The yarn is that firmly twisted sock yarn that I like so much, but it does have less give than some. I'm enjoying the pattern as well as the colorway, which has rare blips of pink in it, but is mostly brownish black semi-solid.

Due to my nearly 50 years on this planet, I seem unable to memorize the pattern, so I started a simpler sock to knit when I don't want to be holding on to a piece of paper. I picked one of my treasured JoJoland Melody colorways (Y14) and am making some kind of wandering YO line running through it, just for fun. The color changes are very slow in this yarn, which is quite the treat. I'll post a photo when I have a little more done.

I'll go back to the orange sweater as soon as Garden Path sock #1 is done. I do want to get that project completed. The next one is calling my name, as always.


  1. I am SO JEALOUS that you have some of Jody's yarn!

  2. Yay for socks in yummy homespun! Someday I'll spin enough of one thing to make something...


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