Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Doggie Sweaters & Good News

Two Doggie Sweaters
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Here are the two dog sweater patterns I have been working on--they are intended as close matches to some mass produced ones I was sent. I did them in a wool/acrylic blend from Scheepswol that I got in the 1980s. I have a LOT of this yarn--guess it was going to be a sweater at one point in the Olden Days.

The sweater on the left is a plain one, though the original was striped. It has little front sleeves picked up from holes you make in the sweater body. The one on the left is more complicated, featuring an interesting broken rib pattern and a cable. I think the back ribbing is much too long unless you want it for a doxie or other long little doggie. I also wonder why both had such thick turtlenecks. The toy dogs didn't really have long enough necks to handle them, but maybe a real dog would.

Anyway, these are what I may end up mass producing, but in fancier yarns. And no, folks, I do not want to sell to local dog boutiques or on Etsy or Ebay. Just to the people who asked me to knit them, if they feel like paying my price. I'll tell you more about it once I find out.

I just have another week or so to mess with web pages for the knitting teaching job, too, because I got offered another contract where I met Lee today. It's just 9 months, but it 9 months of good pay, and will allow me to search for more meaninful stuff without that panicking feeling I've been having. What a relief! Thank you to everyone who sent out good vibes. I have another interview tomorrow for a job at the U of Texas, and I still hope to hear back from some of the ones I am waiting on, too. But, at least now that crushing anxiety has lifted and I feel like a person again. Now I can knit happy.

To celebrate, I cooked a pork roast in the slow cooker, green beans, and mashed potatoes, which I think we should eat soon. SlimFast for lunch makes me really welcome dinner (but I have lost 3 exciting pounds).

The socks I was working on will be done tonight--just have to bind off the toes. I will be happy to get them to their lovely recipient!


  1. Hooray hooray for the lifting of crushing anxiety!!

    I love the doggie sweaters. I have a mostly knit one sitting in a basket in my room. I was going to fix it so it would fit, then I realized it's handwash wool. And no dog, no matter how cute, get her clothes handwashed by me.

    I hope you'll offer an option of special ordering doggie sweaters for your devoted blog readers! Because I'd really rather knit socks and pay Suna to knit dog sweaters.

  2. Congrats on the contract job, that's great!

    I like the sweaters. I need to make a similar one to the "simple" for my cat. He gets cold when he visits my parents.


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