Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Belated Valentine Gift

Heart Doily
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I've been working away on doggie sweaters and writing up patterns, but I thought I'd stop and share with you a pattern for "adult booties" I made a couple of years ago. Consider it your belated Valentine's Day gift. It calls for specific yarns, but just get the right gauge and go for it. I wear mine a lot, and they stay on really well (a bonus). As usual, all suggestions and clarifications are welcome.

The pattern to the heart doily you see here can be found on CrochetDoilies.com and was found by my LYS friend Jamie, who just learned to crochet and made a much daintier pair of these just a week after learning to crochet. Cool, huh?

I made this one out of yarn from the discard bin at the shop (things that were damaged so they can't sell and we use to make samples). You can see on the edging, if you look closely, that it's full of sequins. How special! It's some Louisa Harding yarn. The center is, I think, Berocco Touche, but it had lost its label and was a bit dirty (someone had stepped on it). It makes a festive shop decoration, anyway.

So, happy knitting or crocheting, whichever you're doing!

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