Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taking a Rest to Play Tag

It's only 10 am and I am already tired. I get a burst of energy each month (or more often now that hormones are going nuts on me) and so I have just spent an hour or two decluttering in my office and part of the kitchen. Secretly it's because my dad will visit in a couple of weeks and I don't want him to think I am a total slob. Of course, the office is still pretty cluttered, so he will have no idea how much better it looks. So, I am taking a break.

Here's a photo of one thing I sort of organized, my straight knitting needles (most of the aluminum ones are hiding). The random knitted thing is a magic ball scarf my son once worked on. I have no desire to finish it. The container is a Noni bag (you may want to click: her home page currently features a knitted felted flower bra). People at the yarn shop love to make them, and I test knitted one (you will see my name on the brochure of this pattern). My flowers came out pretty well, but the bag itself lists badly and can't really sit up on its own. I have no urge to make any of the other patterns, but they are very well printed and pretty. There's a messenger bag I may do for my son, but of course, all black. Whee.

As for playing tag. My blog friend Dragonfly has tagged me for yet another meme. I have the same issue as her, which is running out of bloggers to tag. So, if I tag you, don't feel overly compelled unless you have the time!

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Random Facts:

I'm going to make some of my facts knitting tidbits. No rule said you couldn't.

  1. For 20 years I did "combined" knitting and purled by going under, not over. At least I eventually learned the trick to compensate for it.
  2. Many of you may already know that I collect things with pansies on them. I have lots of nice pansy art, pansy wallpaper, cups, dinnerware and such. You may not know why I collect them. When I was young, my mother always had them, in a large square planter on the back patio (near the wonderful fish pond my dad had made, full of goldfish and catfish). She told me she liked them because the blossoms looked like faces, so if you plant pansies, you always have friends. I really love those friendly faces, which come in almost as many varieties as human faces.
  3. In 8th grade I made spending money by crocheting bikinis for friends out of this totally bizarre 100% acrylic yarn that actually made nice, stretchy, wearable bikinis. I never wore one. I also made dozens of granny square purses for fun and profit. The li'l entrepreneur.
  4. I like almost all foods other than natto, which is fermented soybeans from Japan. The smell and texture combine to make me feel sick.
  5. I never wanted to have children. I thought I would be a terrible mother. Whew, am I glad I had those little boys, who are now young men who make me incredibly happy and give me the drive to keep going.
  6. I subscribe to Car and Driver magazine. I really like cars--think they are interesting and beautiful (some of them) and I enjoy driving a good car. Of course I am all for alternative fuels and less pollution. And don't get me started on how foolish it is that we build houses that have no services within walking distance. I always loved it in Ireland, where you could walk to get food, go to the pub, or go to the drug store, no matter where you lived.
  7. I have never enjoyed a computer or video game except Bejeweled. Playing games takes away knitting time. I do like Bejeweled, though. It makes me feel old. Like a lot of things do these days. Of course, I will be old in three weeks, so it makes sense.

I'd probably have more interesting facts if my mood was better--the job search clouds my perceptions, some times more than others.

OK, here are my seven people: Lee, Judy, Killer Peach (cause she started posting again), Diane (ditto), Titianknitter, Saranda, and Yvonne (because I didn't tag her last time). If you're already tagged, ignore me.

Knitting: The sock is going well--I'll try to finish it tonight. Too many errands and events yesterday to get much done.


  1. hello suna, thanks for tagging, but I was already tagged - scroll and read:
    http://www.philippa.nl/yvonnep/?p=474 (even nine things!). Next time better. :-)

  2. OK. You got me again. You already tagged every one I know who blogs, leaving me no choice but to break the rules. My Meme Post

  3. I don't subscribe to car & driver but I used to steal it from my dad. And I'm really hoping to go to the auto show next weekend!

    Plus I'm very excited to go read Lee's blog now that I know it exists...


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