Friday, February 15, 2008

Entrepreneurism Attack

Here (below) are the socks I am working on. Aren't they pretty? I am on the heel, so I hope to finish them tomorrow so I can give them to my friends on Sunday.

I am rather down because I found out yesterday that my unemployment benefits ended LONG before I thought they would. I can apply again in March (of course, I keep hoping I won't NEED it by then).

The good news is that now that I am not getting that little bit of money, I can do something else. I figured I could either work retail or do something else for the same amount of money. Well, I'd certainly rather do knitting work for that much than ring up sales at the grocery store so...

I am starting a little enterprise as a knitting consultant (all set up to track taxes and everything!).

Since I am both an experienced knitter and a trained instructional designer I will even do it using adult learning principles! Here's my idea:

My services:

* Teach beginning knitting
* Teach intermediate techniques on a project of the student's choosing
* Help on a difficult project or one with new techniques
* Diagnose knitting problems and teach how to avoid them
* Help pick yarn/projects
* Teach young people

I'll be available at coffee shops and places that sell yarn in North/northwest Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander and area (that's in Texas, if you are a visitor from another land). I can also go to private homes for group knitting/crochet evenings.

I'll charge by the hour, with group discounts.

I will advertise on craigslist, a web page, and by putting flyers at various spots (coffee shops and such). If some money comes in I can advertise more--hard to start a service when you have NO funds.

Here's where I need help: what to call it?

*Your Personal Knitting Coach
*Let Me Help You Knit
*Learn to Knit at YOUR Convenience
*Knit with Suna
*Fearless and Tearless Knitting
*Learn to Knit without Tears or Fears

(I am liking the Tears and Fears)

Ideas? I am also posting this on a couple of email lists to get ideas. I just can't work at Target. I think my self esteem can't take it. Of course, I figure I will get this all set up and finally get a good job and end up having to do this only on evenings and weekends.

Note that I will not publish my phone number or have people at my house. Trying to be safe, I'll only meet people in public places, unless it's for a knitting party, which I wouldn't do unless I knew the folks or took Lee.

And More Work That Is Knitting

So, also today I will write up patterns for those tiny high-end dog sweaters and calculate how long it takes me to make one, so I can start making money doing that when I am not teaching knitting. Oh, I will soon be rolling in dough and not need a "real" job. Tee hee.


  1. Hi Suna!
    I want to wish you good luck on youe new enterprise! Also I do like the"Learn to Knit without Tears or Fears" Name. Good luck also on the continuing job search tho I do hope you make it big in your quest.
    A friend of Rays,

  2. Beautiful socks. All best wishes.

  3. I like the "At your convenience" angle. I probably wouldn't take a LYS class because I have a hard time committing to "extra-curricular" scheduling items, and I have a hard time getting out of the house when I do have things planned. So the flexible or in-home aspect would be attractive to me. And thank you for helping spread the word about my pattern & contest! (I'm secretly hoping you win so I can spoil you for going through this rough spell..)

  4. What about "Knitting without Tears and Fears" ??? That way those who aren't actually just beginning would also feel free to contact you for help with their projects. Maybe you could have a subtitle saying something about helping both beginners and experienced knitters.

  5. Your socks are lovely!

    Knitting is all about geometry and math--increases and decreases, shaping...

    No ideas as to what to call your enterprise...I am no good at titles, sorry :(


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