Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Knitting

Garden Path Sock #1 from Side
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Now that my stress levels have plummeted, I am enjoying leisurely knitting on my projects. Here is the first Garden Path Sock, which I finished at Chicks with Sticks on Wednesday. It's a side view, since I already showed the front a few days ago. I love how the yarn looks in the solid parts, so I am glad I chose a pattern with some plain sections. Of course my lily white skin looks cool in the lace part, too.

I have this less-than-stellar picture of the Jojoland Melody sock I am also working on. None of the ones I took came out too well, but you can get the idea. There is a diagonal line of YOs (which will go all the way around the sock) and a section of cables that starts in the center above the line. When the line comes back around, the cables will end. We will have to see how that works out. I did complete the short-row heel (ooh, risky, a short-row heel!) last night and am moving up the top. The YOs timed themselves perfectly and didn't want to go to the back until right where the heel ended. The yarn is, of course, beautiful. The slow color changes are so much fun. I will get a photo with more "sock" to it soon. I'll work on socks the rest of today then I hope to switch to the orange sweater for the weekend. I keep promising that.

I hope to work on socks on my commute, but a snag has developed. I have discovered that the bus ALSO has wi-fi! So, I might be tempted to read blogs or write in them during that time as well. Oh, the decisions.

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  1. Easy solution to the problem - Knit going, blog coming back - or vice versa!

    I am doing my first pair of toe up socks - having to restart, they were way too big.


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