Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Question, and a Plan?

Festive Dog
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No knitting excitement to post a photo of, so here's my doggie sweater I designed using very strange yarns, which lives at the LYS. The color is WAY off--it is orange, not pink! Who PhotoShopped that, anyway??? (me)

I am probably going to get the second Rainy Day sock finished today or tomorrow, and that is good news. It means I passed the heel and was able to follow my own instructions. So I will be able to share them. I am impressed, since I spent most of the weekend singing or doing holiday decorating.

We have another question today from my shy questioner, and it's a good one.

She asks:"When you're making socks using 4 (or 5) needles, and you stop knitting for a while, what do you do with the needle not currently in use? I've been gently poking it through the finished part of the sock, trying very hard not to split stitches. But I think sometimes this does rearrange things a bit and makes what almost looks like holes.

"Is there a better way that still would keep from not losing the needle?"

And I answer: Usually I do what you do--stick the needle in the knitted part of the sock, or in the ball of yarn. And I do sometimes split the yarn, so this really isn't a great method. When knitting with teeny double pointed needles, though, I do try to carry the project in one of those small "sock bags," which have just enough space to hold the yarn, the sock in progress and its mate if that one is done. You are much less likely to lose your 5th (or 4th) needle if it's in a little bag and you close it up. And that way you don't have to stick the needle in the sock or yarn ball. But, another reason I use Magic Loop is so I won't lose needles!

There is a contraption I have seen that holds all your working needles and the spare in it, with your sock hanging out. This keeps your needles from being sat on and breaking (or hurting someone) and keep the unworked one safe. I can't remember what that thingie is called, so I can't link to it. But, that's another option. Any reader with another suggestion is welcome to COMMENT and tell me. Hint hint. I love comments.


I am trying to figure out ways to make some money when I am between jobs. One is that I will teach more classes at the LYS, which I have been graciously granted permission to do (and since I love to do that, it's great!). I did have the idea of marketing myself as a personal knitting coach and someone who will do in-home knitting parties. I did one of those last year and it was fun for all. I think I'd need to revamp my very old and outdated personal website so I could use it for that purpose. I wonder if I'd get any takers? And where I would advertise? I wouldn't want to conflict with local yarn shops and their classes, so I'd not want to put ads or business cards there. Maybe the small local newspapers. Or, or... CRAIGSLIST!!! Now, that may be a plan.

Of course, revamping that website takes away knitting time (which is why it is stale and it is better to find my stuff on Flickr). Hmm. Decisions decisions.


  1. The tubes for holding works in progress on dpns are called WIP Tubes. The are available from Knitpicks and Nancy's Knit Knacks (


  2. You know I love Craigslist, haha!

    I try not to use double pointed needles for socks - but who am I kidding, I never finish socks. Well, I do have that one pair...

  3. Based on what I've seen on this website, I think you would be a great knitting tutor and a knitting party sounds like fun.

    The doggie sweater is cute, although I have to say "orange?!? really?!?"


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