Sunday, December 2, 2007

Knitting Books, Reunited

Knitting Books, Reunited
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Why in the world am I illustrating my post with a photo of a bookshelf in my bedroom? The title tells it all--at last, all my knitting books are reunited. I spent a lot of time, and lots of back ache moving my knitting books out of the guest room, and adding all the ones I found last week to those. As you can see, they nearly filled this book case (a narrow one, which we have another one of on the other side of the room, courtesy of Lee moving in).

And they are alphabetized by author. I feel so organized. I had tried to organize them by topic before, but so many things spanned topic that it was not quite right. Then, Lee moved things and ACK, they were ALL intermingled! Knitting books were touching quilt books! Or Sewing with Nancy! Man, they could have gotten contaminated or something (with what, I don't know--really I used to like those Sewing with Nancy books a lot).

The other book case will hold my non-knitting craft books. I am weeding a lot of sewing books out, since I don't think i will ever be a garment sewer, but I will keep the quilt books, because they often inspire my knitting (and who knows, I may quilt again some day). I am also keeping the needlepoint books, because it's just so pretty. However, a whole lot of books about scrapbooking and other things I don't have time for now that I am not a stay-at-home mother will go to someone else. Yay for decluttering (which I did a bit of to the holiday decor today, too).

Next, I will use my close-up photos of all the books to lazily add books to my Ravelry list. Of course, now that I have a laptop that really works, I guess I could do it in the bedroom. Ah, modern conveniences.


  1. What therapeutic fun to rearrange books and restore lost favorites! I used to keep my books organized in height order, which wasn't so great for finding what you needed in a hurry, but delicious for the sweetness of reorganizing and cleaning for its own sake. Now if only I could take that attitude towards laundry!

  2. I'm just happy my knitting books tend to be in one place... they are not alphabetized, topic arranged or by height... in fact they are sort of shoved in however I oould do so without the falling over... I'm jealous :-)


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