Friday, December 7, 2007

Preview of New Pattern AND I Posted Another

Linen stitch
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I hope this photo intrigues you and makes you want to know more about the next item I'm going to post the pattern for. I've been meaning to share this one for quite some time! As you can see, the yarn is luscious and the stitch pattern is a very interesting one. And it's perfect for this time of year--it is a VERY warm item! Here in Texas, it's mostly decorative--in fact, it lived at a yarn store for a year when I was selling the pattern there.

I realized I had sort of written up instructions for the Glacier Lake Socks I knitted this summer, so I went ahead and finished them up, and have posted that pattern as well. the instructions are dated back in July, when i did the sock, but it is also listed in the sidebar under free patterns, so you can find it easily if you ever want to make a simply patterned sock with a very interesting heel (borrowed liberally from another sock I knitted, only resized and tweaked).

As always, if you make them and find an error, do let me know!

Knittin' Progress

I am churning away on a gift that I can't go into here, and got some more done on Juno Regina yesterday. I can do about an inch at a time of that before going numb. So, it will take a while with those small needles and teeny thread. But it's pretty!! Tomorrow I hope to get yarn for the kids' gifts, and start them.

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  1. Very intrigued by your linen picture! Pretty yarn!


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