Monday, December 31, 2007

Still Here, with Shag!

Shag Scarf
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Happy New Year tomorrow! Here I am in my funky glasses celebrating with a very celebratory completed Shag scarf. And that's it arranged like a lovely bouquet on the left. I liked it so much I think I will do another one in leftover Noro Kujaku. The scarf looks funny while you are making it, but as you can see, it's cute when worn! And it is warm--I wore it on a long hike across Lee's dad's farm and it was very helpful.

Yesterday we drove to Lee's dad's farm (as referred to above), and I got to give him the house socks I made for him. He was SO pleased. He put on the blue ones and did not take them off. They looked great. He said they made his feet feel springy and warm. It is so wonderful to give a gift that is so well appreciated. I finished the shag scarf while we watched football, and started another one, the Brooklyn Tweed striped one, just for fun. I'm not sure why I am on a scarf kick, but it could be worse!

Here's the link to the PDF of the Shag pattern, again, in case you want to run off and make one:

Of course, the cardigan is moving along, but it is not very exciting to show photos of pieces of a stockinette item made in pieces. They are all curled up and icky looking, though they feel GOOD. I finished the left front and am moving along on the right front now. It's a pleasure to work with the Ultra Alpaca, and it makes me happy to see Lee eagerly anticipating wearing it.

More tomorrow I hope!

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