Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lucha Liberated!

EEK! Do not be afraid! It's jut me, modeling the completed Lucha Libre ski mask/balaclava/Mexican wrestling mask. I hope Beccano likes it! I think I look pretty funny in it. I guess it would make an easy Halloween costume, plus, if I am ever in a frigid climate, I could borrow it.

I kept switching back and forth with how I did the green parts. Some stranding, some little bits of yarn for more classic intarsia. In any case, here it is. Yvonne, don't do this as your first intarsia project--it might drive you crazy!

But, I know my boy will love it and that's what counts. One more holiday gift to finish (today) and I will be done. I can't post a picture of that one, since the recipient reads the blog.

Hi to everyone doing fun things (Katie!) and to those of you frantically dealing with holidays and relatives. I am frantically interviewing, but that is mostly fun. I truly appreciate everyone's support and vibes!

Off to another fun day at the yarn shop, where I am going to start a new project, a cardigan for Lee. In Ultra Alpaca. HA! That one won't be torture, will it??? Yum!

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