Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend Knitting

Shag scarf
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While patiently working away on Lee's cardigan, I just could not HELP myself from starting this little scarf. I love the yarn and the pattern is such a hoot! You build triangles that rise from the scarf base in a happy 3D way, and it's especially fun the way the yarn changes colors. I highly recommend this project for fun knitting and a good gift (except mine is for me!). This is the Shag scarf from Knitting New Scarves, a book with some weird looking items, but lots of fun things to do (other bloggers have made much harder items from the book, but this one is fine with me! [Edited to include a link to the FREE version of the pattern, so you can go knit one now]

I'm still going to work on the cardigan, plug away on Juno Regina when I get tired of stockinette, and work on my sock when I need some tiny knitting to work on. Lots of fun to distract me from interviews!

Happy holiday knitting!


  1. BTW, the Shag Scarf pattern is posted on the book's website.

  2. Oh, really? I could not find it, but I may have been looking in the wrong spot. Can you send me the URL? Some of my friends requested that I share the pattern, but I cited copyright and just referred them to the book...

  3. I found it and it's now linked in the body of the post.


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