Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lucha Libre-ing along

I've been out of town all weekend, but thought I would share my progress on Lucha Libre as of Friday. Scary looking, isn't it? And in the close-up you can see decorative pug hairs on it, too.

Because of all the little balls of yarn, I did not take this project with me over the weekend. But, I am thinking I'll have it done in the next day or two. There are just a few more green rows, and after that, it's smooth sailing.

I still wonder why this could not have been done in the round. People do intarsia in the round! Or so I am told. Beccano is quite pleased with the progress, of course. I am feeling a bit under the weather (after a lovely trip to Fredericksburg, Texas and the amazing Enchanted Rock) so I'm not really up to thinking much about knitting right now...but, I did want to share with my knitting blog readers that on Friday, 5 different job possibilities emerged out of nowhere! I have interviews on Monday and Tuesday, and think I will have at least two, perhaps three more. From famine to feast!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I made over the weekend. It's what I hope is the last Christmas knitting I will have to do!


  1. What great news on the job front! Fingers still crossed for ya ;-)

  2. I know I was reading something the other day about it being difficult because your colored yarn ends up on the wrong side after one round and there's no way to bring it back where you need it without a long float. I've never done any sort of intarsia though. it looks cool though, I'm sure Becccano will love it!

    That's great about the job possibilities!

  3. Yeah, dragonfly, there's some technique for it, but I can't remember where I read about intarsia in the round to go look it up.


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