Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting Dorkiness

It's true, I am not really fond of intarsia. All that tangling and skeining. I did a lot of untangling as I worked on the Lucha Libre ski mask/balaclava thing last night. It's a good thing I love Beccano and know he will love it, because otherwise I'd give up due to lack of fun. I also seem incapable of following a chart accurately. But, it still looks like a Lucha Libre mask, and it's up to the middle of the nose. I think it will be cute, in any case, though I'd prefer to have done it in the round. Or maybe with duplicate stitch. Not really. I'm just whining.

I'll have plenty of time to knit this weekend as Lee and I go on a little field trip to Fredricksburg, just to get out of town, then all next week I will knit away, mostly at the LYS hoping for customers for knitting classes. I am going to try posting a few on Craigslist to see if that works. No one else is doing that locally, though the other yarn shops have done great jobs with email lists, blogs, announcements on the radio, Ravelry lists and such. It's good practice for all those online community jobs I have been applying for, anyhow.

I have done a bit on my Garden Path socks, when I get tired of intarsia, plus a gift I am working on. So, soon there will be finished object photos to share again!

I wish you all the best in your last-minute holiday knitting, if you are still at it like I am!


  1. There's always Stonehill Spinning in Fredericksburg if you want to add a bit of yarn browsing to the mix. They might be able to give you a lesson on drop spindling if you were interested, too. ;) It's a really lovely shop and I enjoyed going there.

  2. Good luck on the job hunting and getting the classes going.

  3. I was talking to Pat about starting a Blue Bonnet group on Ravelry. Since two other yarn shops have group.
    I think is would be a good way to get more people involve in taking classes and having most updated list.

    I went to BB said I wanted a toe up class they said there was one going right now. However it was not updated on the web page which they use to refer to as best way to know what classes are out there. BB has yet to start they new letter mail out.


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