Saturday, August 2, 2008

Easy Kerchief Shawl

Kerchief Shawl
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I spotted this pattern yesterday while looking for something to make with my Silk Garden Sock yarn. It was just uploaded to Ravelry, too. I went to the LYS this morning and picked up the neutral shade so I could get going. It's a lot of fun and easy as pie--would be a great first shawl if you can do a provisional cast on. Here's the link to the pattern.

I knew the LYS owner would love this pattern, considering how much she loved that Brooklyn Tweed K1P1 Noro scarf pattern, and sure enough, the minute I showed it to her, she grabbed some yarn and started one too. Since the shop is almost out of the Silk Garden Sock yarn, she picked regular Silk Garden and a coordinating color of Silky Tweed. it should be nice!

My plan is to make the kerchief more of a shawlette. I have two balls of my colorful yarn, so I will either add some non-striped sections, or put on a simple border using just the colored yarn. That sounds fun, anyway.

I really didn't need to start another project, since I am still crocheting away on the Ocean Pearl cardigan. But, this looked like a nice relaxing project, so what the heck. Congratulations to the designer, Kate of Zeitgeist yarns. She did a good presentation of a simple and fun pattern for great yarn.


  1. This looks nice! Hope to see the FO soon.

  2. I am sorry to say the link to the pattern no longer works. I guess Kate Osborne took it down. Darn.


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