Friday, August 1, 2008

An Interesting Twist

I read about a new online magazine today, while perusing other people's extra-popular blogs (a thing this one will never be, due to my lack of popular book or pattern). This is the Twist Collective site, which is very pretty, and only mildly frustrating in that you can't read through the pattern instructions unless you pay $6-7 for them. Because I think designers deserve fair compensation for their work, I will not begrudge them their bucks, and I hope to buy a couple of these. I just, sigh, like to read patterns.

Among the lovely sweaters (so many cables!), shawls (drool), and socks (yum) are some good articles, and I enjoyed reading most of them quite a bit. However, I want to MARRY (sorry, Lee) the Houdini Sock article by Cat Bordhi, which details making a sock with the heel just being a second toe, then picking up at a strategic point and build up legs. So slick. It's hard to explain in my words, but makes total sense when you look at the pictures, which you do NOT have to pay for. YAY! This technique is just cooler than cool, and I can't wait to give it a whirl. Maybe with one of my lovely new yarns. I just love a new idea! It's another one of those ones that were sorta in the back of my mind but I never worked out. I am glad Cat's around to actually figure out this stuff.


  1. I found the Houdini Sock intriquing too. I may have to try them out. Instead of snipping the yarn, you could also use some waste yarn like with an afterthought heel. You would just need to figure out where to put it.

  2. That's a great suggestion, Rhonda. It sounds like all you'd have to do is figure out which are the right stitches to knit with waste yarn!

  3. I like reading patterns too, it gives me an idea of the techniques needed, the time... plus I just find it interesting to "knit" in my mind ahead of time. I don't think there's much solution though to patterns on the internet. I've got to take a look at Twist though, I see several people mentioning it!


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