Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little News

I hope to have more interesting fodder tomorrow, but for today I will just say that I am well into the gusset on the Minty Leaves socks, which are very delicate and even a bit small (that is some THIN yarn I am using), but they will fit nicely. This time I did the picking up for the gusset correctly and don't have to rearrange the stitches. I see where I messed up last time, and won't do that again!

My hands were hurting last night, so I didn't knit much. I have been reading a lot, mostly about knitting, but that doesn't make for interesting photos. I think I am percolating ideas, then a lot of writing will gush forth from me. Maybe even, dare I hope, something interesting! Even I am getting tired of daily reports on how much I have knit.

Oh yeah, one brave thing I did today was comment on the Yarn Harlot blog, which is something I try to avoid doing--so many people comment that I feel like anything I'd say would be said by someone else. But, she was SO good and didn't say something snarky to a woman who insisted that her knitting was crochet. If I was an author of numerous knitting books and someone did that, I am so afraid I'd ask them, "And how many books on knitting have YOU published???" She actually said NOTHING. So, there is some ignorant person wandering around Canada who will never get far if she plans on crocheting anything.

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