Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Suna's Worlds Collide

Many of you know that my other collection (besides balls of yarn) is tarot decks. Imagine my reaction when I found this on my newest deck, the Whispering Tarot, by Elizabeth Hazel. The card is the 8 of Pentacles, which usually depicts a young man working hard at some menial task (in my favorite desk, the apprentice is in a workshop churning out pentacle-shaped wooden plates). Here the protagonist is sitting with her cat and knitting a very large afghan. It's still a picture of repetitive work, and she still doesn't look totally thrilled at the task, but in the text, the author suggests she is happy with the product and glad it's almost done. I am really liking how the woman who did these cards did some interesting things without totally obscuring the traditional images in the cards (she did away with a lot of esoteric stuff and religious symbolism, which I do like--though she seems to have substituted Buddhist images for Christian ones, not sure why).

Well, I doubt you came here to read a tarot review (unless you are Jody or Tina), but if you are interested, you can still get signed and numbered copies of this deck, which is small but nice and comes with its book on CD rather than book form.

In good knitting news, happy days, the additional ball of Silk Garden Sock yarn arrived yesterday, so I was able to finish the Silky Kerchief border at Chicks with Sticks last night. When I came home, I washed it in lavender stuff and laid it out on the guest bed. I didn't use pins to block it, since it's garter stitch, but I did smooth it out. I hope washing softens it a little. As soon as it is dry, I will take a picture so you can see how it fits--it came out a medium-sized shawl that I think will stay on well with a shawl pin down by the ends of the borders. And I did get the shawl to come out fairly even. That is the best I could do!

In less good knitting news (technically, crochet news), I have decided to frog the Ocean Pearls cardigan. The back is just too small. I think I will try again one size larger, since the smaller needle fooled me by acting like it was making the right width, but it wasn't. Ugh, having to do all those bobbles will be a pain, but since I am better at them now, doing it over will look better. I am going to take a break from it, though. I will probably try to churn out the second Lace and Cable top that I said I would do for Suzanne.

At least I will soon get to start on new socks. The Hawaiian Leis are fast approaching the toe. I could either try to quickly make socks out of the remaining Silk Garden Sock, so I'd have matching socks and shawl, or do what I really want to do and make something pretty with some seafoam green yarn I recently wound.

And here's a final shocker: I even did a bit of work on Juno Regina last night. I did it sorta wrong, though, since I could not find the pattern. I am wondering if I should re-start that, too much knitting in slippery silk. I'll just go back a few rows and keep plugging away at it. I need to finish that.

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