Friday, August 22, 2008

Tie Dye Finished Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian Leis Detail
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Here is a nice close-up of my finished Tie Dye Hawaiian Leis socks. You can see the interesting stitch pattern, the eye of partridge heel and the cute garter stitch border by the gusset. These fit perfectly and are very, very comfortable with their silk and wool content. I am wearing them today and they are warm without being clammy. I really enjoyed doing these two at a time on my new Hiya Hiya needles. The only bad thing about the needles is that I swear the finish is already rubbing off. Oh well, they still work, but I must say I wish I had a wooden KnitPicks one that was 42" instead of these.

The second picture here shows how they socks look really different on the top, but look more alike down at the foot level. The top of one has a lot more green than the top of the other. The other thing you will see in the second picture is how the pattern stops well before the toe. I am not sure why the instructions said to do that, but it probably makes them more comfortable in closed-toe shoes (which I have on today, clogs).

And, just for fun, I am also showing the socks as they look on sock blockers, all perfect and nice. The colors are most accurate in the top picture, which was taken without flash. I am really happy with these socks, especially the color. I was aiming for a look of faded tie dye, and it really comes across--the toes and bottoms of the feet bear it out very well. You never know when you are experimenting with KoolAid how it's going to come out!

The next sock project I will embark on is called Leaves of Whimsy, and it was also in the Knitting Pattern a Day 2008 calendar that I found the Hawaiian Leis in. I usually don't make too much from these calendars, so to use it on two in a row is something! I had decided I really wanted to use a particular yarn, which is the Seafoam color of Perfect Day Socks' Beat Sock yarn, a minty green semi-solid. I promised Lee I would make something less color-filled for once. I'll get those started today at lunch. I already made a chart for the pattern, because I just don't enjoy reading line by line instructions any more. The chart made the leaf pattern very clear!

Finally, as promised, here is a picture of me wearing the finished Silky Kerchief Shawlette. I hope to get a nicer photo outdoors in a more appropriate top--this picture of me about ready to go to bed with a football game in the background does not to the shawl justice. One of the ladies at the yarn shop did take a few photos right after I finished, so maybe she'll send me some of those, too. (As an aside, I had finished this shawl and people were saying "ooh" and such, but a bit later a woman came in with an immense lace shawl covered in thousands of beads--really contrasted with my rustic garter stitch! Oh well, different shawls for different purposes!) At least mine did soften slightly when washed. It will be a nice warm one to wear at the office or yarn shop. I may even keep it in my car for chilly emergencies.

So, onward and upward to new knitting projects and a fun weekend!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that about the HiyaHiya needles! I just got some as well, but I haven't gotten the chance to try them out. I hope they still perform well for you, even without some of the finish! Also, some people's body chemistry reacts differently with different finishes... my KP Options tarnish quickly if my hands are even a little sweaty.

  2. Love the socks and the shawl. I wasn't actually sure about the shawl when i just saw corners of it, but on seeing it draped on you with all the colors and "flow" of the garment, it looks beautiful!

  3. Dfly, I agree--the shawl looks a lot better in person than in photos, and the way it drapes is part of its charm.


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