Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turning the Corner

I just hate it when I have something to blog about but no picture to go with the post. So, here I am hiding my head in shame because I was too tired last night to take a picture of my shawl. At least I am hiding my head in a lovely piece of silk/cashmere lace knitting (though with no software, I could not crop the image). My shawl makes me keep missing my friend Jody. I keep wondering how she is...

Anyway, my topic is that I got to the halfway point on the border of the Silky Kerchief last night, and I successfully turned the corner. First, how amazing is it that I ran out of yarn at a stitch count that made the repeats come out EXACTLY even? There is no way I planned to have it come out a multiple of 15, but it did! I used the space in the center stitch to do a two short-row wedges that fairly successfully, far as I can tell, rounded the point of the shawl in a way somewhat (see how much hedging I have added here) keeps up with the flow of the edging. I kept the YO edge and an eyelet at the end. The short rows made the last block into a nice diamond shape, which doesn't look too bad, I don't think.

On the short rows, since it was garter stitch, I didn't do wrap and turn, but I didn't do nothing either (like I would have on a Bathtime Blossom washcloth). As I knitted back down along the row where I'd left off one stitch earlier x number of times, I picked up the purl bump from the last stitch on the row beneath each stitch that had a gap after it. That came out pretty invisible, at least on the right side. On the wrong side there is a slight ridge.

In more serendipitous good news, the half of the shawl went through exactly one repeat of all the stripe colors in the yarn. I hope, since I can see some of each of these colors in what remains, that I do indeed have enough yarn to finish the shawl. The ball of yarn seems a bit skimpy, but I do see all the colors. On the other hand, there could be some of the infamous Noro knots that will mess me up...I'll just have to see how it comes out. I'd like to finish over the weekend, but since I will be goofing off with my friends, I am not sure how much knitting will happen.

A photo of the corner will appear tomorrow, honest.

PS: Katie doesn't want one of those weird baby hats. Wah. Maybe I will make an adult size one for one of my kids. Yeah, they'll LOVE one.

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