Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lookee! A Border on the Silky Kerchief

Border on Silky Kercheif
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I just wanted to quickly share this picture of the progress on my silky kerchief shawl. It's really looking pretty! I love how the stripes came out, though I was getting rather annoyed at the Silk Garden yarn toward the end. After having no knots until the end, I had one toward the end of the first ball, and two near the start of the second ball of the rainbow colorway. That is the problem with this brand. Lots of knots that ruin the flow of the colors. There was no problem with the neutral colorway, though, and it also gave me four more rows. Now my fingers are crossed that I have plenty for this border.

I really like the border. It is garter stitch squares, with not a lot of ornamentation, which I hope looks rustic like the main body of the shawl. I am also hoping that the intensity of the color is not too distracting. It really blends more in person than in the photos. As Katie keeps telling me, my projects lately look way better in person than in the photos. Maybe I need a better camera. Or one of those light tents.

All rightee, I will try to write again tomorrow with more stuff. I just wanted to show you the border!

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