Friday, August 15, 2008

Silky Kerchief Corner

Silky Kerchief Corner
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See, I told you I'd give you a picture of the shawl edge. Ahhh, I think it is so pretty. My fingers are still crossed that I have enough yarn. It is so much fun knitting this little border. Cute little garter stitch boxes, each of them a different color. Everyone who's seen it in person likes it a lot. I am looking forward to wearing this thing next week!

I am also moving forward on the Hawaiian Leis socks. I am almost finished with the eye of partridge heel, and it's so pretty. I did hit a challenge when I had to rearrange the stitches. I had to put each sock on a separate needle to do it, so I had to wait until I was home to do it!

My friend Deana says she will teach me how to crochet with beads this weekend, so that will be a fun new project. I always want to learn new things, and I sure like beads. I just hope I don't get so "into" it that I spend a lot of money. The ones I like are the "real" jewels. I just love pretty rocks. But, I also just love shiny things, and seed beads aren't too costly. I am Suna the Magpie!

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