Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Loving My Crafts, Man

Kerchief Progress
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I can't help it, I just love my crafts. Both the projects I am working on right now are so pleasing to me that it's all I want to do. The kerchief that is going to be a shawl is soooo pretty that I can't put it down. Every row brings in yet another beautiful color in the main yarn, and the effect is quite rainbow-like. It will go with anything. It's about the size that the original pattern calls for, but I'm going to keep going and use up the whole skein of the neutral yarn--hoping that will be shawl sized. Then I will think, think, think about what kind of border I want to put on it. I'll do that with the rainbow yarn second skein. This will be one expensive shawl, but one that will be perfect for the office or just wandering around in the fall--it will go with anything. So far, the only color I don't see in it is orange. I wonder why there's no orange? The neutral Silk Garden Sock is very subtle, and really doesn't change colors much. I think it's natural wool colors. It just goes from natural to light tan to a very slightly darker tan and back.

I did manage to set the shawl down for a while last night and work a bit on the Ocean Pearls. The rest of the back should go pretty quickly, because I finished all the armhole decreases. I just have to make it long enough. I am starting the third ball of yarn, which bodes well, I think, for ten balls being sufficient for the project. That GGH Mystik is still a pain in the rear end compartment to work with, but is sure is nice and shiny. My pearls are going fine, though still it's hard sometimes to pull a loop through ten wraps of sticky yarn. That yarn gets caught on anything that comes near it, even little rough patches of skin on my fingers. Sigh, that's why I love natural fibers. They don't do that.

PS: I just saw that Knotions, another new online knitting magazine is now up. If you haven't seen it yet, do check it out. There is nothing there I am dying to make, but the layout is good, and they have some of the old MagKnits patterns.

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