Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finished Louisa Harding Bag

Louisa Harding Bag
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Here's the finished Louisa Harding Workshop bag, made with six assorted yarns in her line. I made the twisted cord last night (it started out ten feet long, and ended up not even two feet long. I also mattress stitched it up and trimmed the ends of the fringe. It flutters nicely.

I almost sewed the fringe up inside the bag when I briliantly thought I should sew the bottom from the inside. Ha ha, funny me.

The bag now holds a ball of that new Trekking Pro Natura yarn (which I earlier referred to as Zitron because I didn't have the label in front of me). I am going to make WendyKnit's toe-up socks with flap heel, and try out my new Nitpicks size 0 needles.

And as a bonus, since I have the camera and everything, I will also share a photo of Juliet in progress, to prove it really exists.

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