Saturday, June 23, 2007

Juliet's Done!

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Two finished objects in two days, so I am blogging like crazy here. It's Juliet, all nice and finished. I enjoyed making the border bands. It is such a neatly finished top. And it fits. For once, I did not make something too big. Congratulations to me. It may need a smidgen of blocking around the neckline, but otherwise is really good.

I did a reasonable job on the raglan seams, too, even though I was talking to Jody and Lee while I was doing it.

Check the Flickr links at left for some photos of awesome lace knttting that Jody AKA Killerpeach completed for our yarn shop. I will blog some of them later, if I have time. (Since she doesn't post her stuff lately, I will just do it for her, hee hee.)

Off to vacation/work trip, where I will try to quickly finish sock #2 so I can move on to "Coupling" from Knitty, in a lovely Jitterbug colorway.


  1. great job on juliet. i am making the same sweater, although using Rowan summer tweed. just wondering which size you made.....i was tired of making sweaters which turned out too small, but i think that the medium ( considering the sizes are XS,( S,M,L ) might be too big...but alas, i cannot redo all that garter stitch !!

  2. Hey Suna,
    Had some fun this afternoon looking at all your beautiful creations. Good to see your smiling face, too. I was surfing in search of an email or phone # for NJ. Do you have same?

    Take care,
    Liz T-G


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