Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finished Toe Up Gusset Heel Sock

Toe Up Gusset Heel Sock
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Yay, I finished sock #1 of this pair and have the toe started of sock #2. Thanks to Wendy Johnson for the nice pattern! It's the toe-up fingering weight gusset heel sock and I think I linked to the pattern previously. Yarn is Trekking Pro Natura in blues and greens. I think the gusset heel is a little "tall" but otherwise I liked the sock (a photo of the heel is at the end of this post--look how nicely my M1s came out, no holes!). I enjoyed trying the circular cast-on that used the backwards loop method. On the second top I made sure to knit the cast-on stitches so they didn't look twisted, and the toe now looks as nice as it would if I'd used the magic cast on (which I think I still prefer). And I was ready to switch the needles around this time.

The sock is posing at Austin Bergstrom airport, where I finished it, so if you ever wondered what the floor there looks like, that is it. Glad my son's flight was a little late, so I could finish.

I also finished sleeve #2 on Juliet, so I am heading upstairs to sew those sleeves in and work on the border, plus pack for a long trip that will be filled with knitting! I may blog less often while I am out of town. Or not. Not much to do at my dad's house.

Other knitting news: I organized all my more recent knitting magazines last night as part of my massive home decluttering. They look so nice in magazine holders. Next, the patterns will be put into page protectors and organized by topic. Go me.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for posting a comment on my blog earlier this week. I just finished my very first "real" sock, but it did not come out nearly as well as this one here. I love the Juliet sweater above too.


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