Friday, June 22, 2007

Shiny Green Sweater, Slightly Better

Shiny Green Sweater
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I'd been promising a better photo of the Shiny Green Sweater I finished a few weeks ago, but the one that a friend took last week still hasn't been sent to me. So, I took one for myself, in the bathroom mirror. I'd hoped the "special undergarment" I bought would look nice, but nope. I think I will get either a solid black or solid white 3/4 sleeve shirt to wear under it.

It's all wrinkled because I hadn't folded it well. I think when I am all settled from home improvements and travel in a week or two, I will reblock this, and see if I can get it to be more the size it was when it came off the needles--the sleeves hugged my arm, and the bottom hugged my hips. I think in trying to make sure the lace was well blocked, the rest stretched out.

Live and learn, only this is live and learn on expensive yarn!

In other progress, I began a cable rib top to my sock, only to find that the cable I was using made the sock not put-on-able. So, 2x2 rib it is. A nice, wearable sock. And this way I can zoom through sock #2 in planes, cars and airports, and try something fun for the next pair. One of the new ones in Knitty maybe.

As for my hair. Well, I got it re-colored yesterday and allowed my new hairdresser to put me in rollers and "set" it. I ended up looking a bit like Tammy Wynette. This photo is after it calmed down considerably. I must say it is silky and smooth.


  1. You, and the shiny green sweater are gorgeous! Would you mind sharing where the pattern for the sweater can be found? Thanks, Elizabeth
    lizard_knits AT hotmail DOT com

  2. Sorry about not listing it here--I did when I first posted the icky picture of the same sweater! It's from Rebecca Magazine #33, which came out in late spring 2007.


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