Monday, June 11, 2007

My Favorite New Knitty Patterns

Well, the Summer 2007 Knitty is out, and in my fine new knitting blog I am going to start a tradition of naming my 5 favorite Knitty patterns for each new issue (and why). So, here I go:

  1. Coupling: socks made from that fun new yarn, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, which is not available where I live, naturally. But I love the pattern (more visible in photos in the text). I am especially fond of the lace gusset pattern. I think it would look smashing (I also liked the 'vog on socks--theyd be #6 if I were to add a sixth).
  2. Tangerine Twist: No, I am not a big fan of the color orange (you wouldn't be either, if both universities you attended had orange and blue as their colors--this surrounds you with orange...and then I moved to Austin, Texas, which is solid burnt orange much of the year). But I am fond of warm-weather tops that are not tanks. When you are approaching the half century mark and are not a big fan of the gym, chances are your upper arms are not your most beloved feature. I like sleeves. And this top is perky, with interesting shaping via needle size. I'd make it! Maybe I will! After the organic cotton top and (gasp) a sweater for my man!
  3. Wisp: How could I not love a delicate, lacy mohair item? It's a little odd that it has buttons, but they look like useful ones. I love how it looks as a cape in Kidsilk Haze. Drool.
  4. Askew: Yes, it is a sleeveless top. And worse, made in Silk Garden, which can't make for a warm weather option where I live. But I like the technique and always like what Silk Garden's color changes do to a garment. So, maybe I could wear it under a jacket, or make it for one of my Young Thin Friends (or less arm-obsessed older friends). I wonder if you can wear a foundation garment under it, with the sleeves so far apart, but it might work!
  5. Chapeau Marnier: It looks so good with the designer's hair under it! And again, lace, a nice scalloped pattern that I might borrow some day for the edge of a garment. I love lace. (And wow, that Louisa Harding lady has a lot of lace stuff in her fall collection--I will be buying one of those books!) Anyway, this hat looks like it would be really flattering to anyone with long hair. I have long hair right now...maybe I will use my handspun to make it. If I ever finish any.

Okee dokee, those are my favorites, totally subjectively. What are yours?

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