Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quick Completion Alert!

Woo hoo, I finished Slimy Green Sweater yesterday and tried it on at the yarn store to universal praise. At home I neatly mattress stitched the armholes and got the loose ends taken care of, then blocked it. I didn't use pins, just arranged it on the handy new sweater dryer we discovered (AKA a baby gate we are not using to block dogs any more). I think that will really cut the drying time, because the sweater was pretty damp when I laid it out. Of course it looks really BIG while blocking, but the part I blocked before went down to normal size once I picked it up, so I assume this will too.

I can't wait to show you what it looks like! It is so shiny, green and lacy! And flattering!

I started on Juliet from the Debby Bliss Rialto book. What do I do first on it? Knit a beginning knitter rectangle: a big old hunk of garter stitch. I must admit it feels soothing to knit plain on lovely off-white yarn that is soft merino wool that does not split, slip around, bunch up or otherwise cause challenges. It just knits. This is a very simple short-sleeve sweater that has one button in the front. I think it will be great for wear at work, where it's very chilly, with a nice colorful tank or tee under it. And of course, I will be back to the Rosebud shawl now, too!

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  1. I won't believe that it's flattering or anything until you stop calling it slimy!!!


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