Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vogue Knitting Sent Me Email!

Vogue Knitting Sweater, back
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Probably this has happened to others of you, but it made me happy during a pretty sad day--I got a Flickr email from the people at Vogue Knitting saying they'd like to put this image of a sweater I made in 2005 on their website in a gallery of projects people have made from their magazine. I'd be pleased to appear there--and I think this is the only VK project I've knitted that I have photos of (others have worn out (like a big black and red sweater coat I made in the 80s) or were gifts).

So, here is the Circular Sweater. There have been other similar items coming out lately, I've noticed, including crochet versions. I saw a sleeveless vest version that I think I'd enjoy doing.

This one is in Lorna's Laces worsted weight yarn in a variegated blue, a gray and a black. Plus there's Lorna's Laces boucle in a very dark grey for trim (boy howdy, I got tired of getting my needles stuck in the little loops--but it ended up so pretty!).

This sweater was pretty difficult to knit. It would have been easy if it were just knitting in the round, but there were many rows that alternated colors and you had to twist one around the other a certain way, because it made a rope pattern on the other side (yes, the purl side is the right side on this sweater). Your yarn would get all twisted together by the end of a row, especially toward the end. But then, a row later you'd twist the other way and end up just fine--if you could manage knitting with all the twists in the meantime.

But, it was a fun challenge and I like wearing it. You can wear it as pictured, or flip it and have a much bigger "collar" and more of a bolero length. I fasten it with a big pin in the front.

In other knitting news, thanks to spending quite a bit of time knitting last night at Chicks with Sticks, I am close to finishing the second sleeve on Juliet, and thinking of what technique to use on the cuff of the sock. I am thinking a cable instead of ribbing, but picot edgings also sound nice.

I think I'll dedicate these socks to the memory of Carole, who never mastered socks before her untimely passing this week. I wish things could have been different.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog by accident earlier today by bouncing off a comment you posted at yarn harlot. I've enjoyed reading all of june's blogs. Congrats on the request from VK! I'm a recent knitter (you can see page in my blog) and I've been trying to stick to a single WIP but after reading this I'm starting to understand the "need" for multiples! Anyway as long as I'm lurking wanted to say hello.


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