Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Louisa Harding Bag in Progress

Finally got the camera, but no time to crop the pictures! Anyhow, here's the bag I am working on from the Louisa harding workshop. The body is worked side-to-side in a mix of garter, stockinette and eyelet patterns, and you change colors every other row, most of the time. You leave ends long so they can become the fringe. When you are done, you add a border to the top, with eyelets to put the drawstring through.

I still need to stitch is together, trim the fringe and make the drawstring (she wants you to make twisted cord, and I don't know if I have enough remnant yarn to do it).

It was nice to try out some yarns I had not knit with before. I especially am glad to use the shiny ribbon yarn of hers--it is so pretty but when you knit it, the beauty hides. Good to have the fringe! There was also a thin yarn with silver dots that was pretty, a cotton slubby yarn, and a mix of a red silk with a dark red string with square sequins on it. the final yarn was a soft pastel ribbon. Yep, it's glitzy. And made of yarns I'd probably never use in a garment. I'll post a finished product photo soon!

PS: I am crawling up the back on Juliet--not much knitting time in the past two days, but I go to Chicks with Sticks tonight, so I willl have more time.

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